There are several benefits of making your vape juice. It is cheaper than buying retail. And you can choose flavor combinations that you will never find in stores. Also, you will make vape juices that no one has ever tried before.

However, most vapers think making vape juice is tedious and complex. It is easy. You only need standard ingredients, essential equipment, and a recipe. Once you have everything you need, you can experiment and make alterations until you make the perfect vape juice.

Continue reading to learn how to make vape juice.

1. Ingredients

Diluted Nicotine

You need diluted nicotine because nicotine has its flavor. To avoid your vape juice tasting different at higher strengths, use diluted nicotine because it adds less taste, color, and taste.

PG or VG

You need propylene or vegetable glycerin. PG or VG is called “diluent/base”. Flavorings and nicotine are highly concentrated, so PG and VG are used to dilute them. PG and VG are the carrier fluid.


You also need flavors. By the way, you can find flavors in different places. You do not need to use flavors when making “neat” vape juice, which is vape juice without flavor. Choose flavors that offer great taste experience.

2. Equipment


Choose small plastic drip tip bottles because they are cheap and they are great for experimentation. You need several bottles because you will experiment with several raw materials. Use smaller bottles for your experimentation. Make sure your measurements and math are precise.


Once you decide to make larger quantities of vape juice, you need graduated cylinders and breakers. Why? They can prevent cross-contamination.

Syringes or Pipettes

You will use syringes or pipettes to get the right amount of liquid from small containers. They let you extract the exact amount of flavor, PG/VG, or nicotine you need.


The skin absorbs nicotine, so wear gloves when making your vape juice.


This is optional, but buying sticker labels is a great investment. You will use them to label your bottles.

3. The recipe

Step 1 – Determine the strength of nicotine you want in your vape juice. Then, figure out how much nicotine you need. If you get this wrong, you may end up with a bad vape juice.

Step 2 – Put on your gloves. Use a clean syringe to transfer the right amount of nicotine into a drip tip bottle. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe.

Step 3 – Add a flavor to the nicotine in your drip tip bottle. Use any flavor combination you want.

Step 4 – Use a clean syringe to measure flavor concentrates. You need to be careful because flavor concentrates are artificial flavors, so adding more of these flavors will make your vape juice taste better.

Step 5 – It is time to measure and add VG because the vape juice already contains PG from the flavoring and nicotine. Use a clean syringe transfer VG to the bottle. You need VG, which is diluent/base, to complete your vape juice.

Step 6 – You have successfully made vape juice, so put the drip tip on your bottle. Keep the bottle away from children or pets.

Step 7 – To make sure the nicotine and flavor are well mixed and evenly dispersed, shake the bottle for several minutes. Give your bottle a good shake, especially before vaping. This is important because the components separate over time. There are several mixing devices you can use when you get tired shaking the bottle.

In conclusion, making your vape juice is easy. If you follow these steps on how to make vape juice, you will make the perfect vape juice and you will save a lot of money in the process.

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